When it Rains it Pours

Yesterday there was a heavy downpour in the afternoon as I was leaving work to home. Wife was using public transport and had to get down in the drenching rain, so texted me to pick the children from school, which I was glad to do, since the roads promised to be very muddy on foot.  As I was descending the hill from my workplace, I was thinking over the many things that are before – the everyday challenges of life, the HUGE deficit we have in our fundraising support budget, whether or not to change the health insurance coverage we have, and, of course, my general disappointment in my persistent ability to not be as spiritually disciplined and mature as I wish I were.  I then heard noise from the engine, a rattle that signaled to me that something significant was wrong. I determined to pull over to my mechanic’s shop which happens to be on the way home, and as soon as reached there, the car shut off – smoke coming from the engine.

This is not a good sign.

At best, the gasket is burned, at worst the engine block will need replacing.  All of it money that I don’t have (on top of school fees for our children – including our 2 Ghanaian “sons” that we are sponsoring to school)

I called wife: You will need to pick the children from school.

When it rains it pours.