Twas the Night Before Departure

It is difficult to believe that tonight is my last night sleeping in the United States for at least a little while. The long ago dream of a long since matured boy is coming to fruition: I’m going to live and study overseas. It is something I’ve always wanted to do but time and circumstance and the vagaries of life never permitted me to go until now.

So here I am…
the bags are all packed, the visas in hand. Everything is as settled as it can be. And tomorrow morning I board a plane for which I bought a one way ticket — to Accra Ghana.

Am I excited? Scared? Bored? Apprehensive?

Truthfully I am all of these and none of them. I simply AM moving to Ghana and uncertain about what life will mean for me there. I’m sure I will change; in fact I hope that I change. I’m sure that I will struggle. I’m sure that life will throw us curveballs and fastballs and the occasional slow pitch — and I’m not even a fan of baseball, who Lord knows what I’ll do with those.

But I’m on my way by the grace of God, to learn and to serve.

I take this journey in honor of my dear departed mother, who long ago launched me into the world and who always believed in me.
I take this journey in honor of my father, who is proud of me and who has traveled vicariously through me and who is now going through me to live, study, and serve in Ghana even if his feet never leave the ground.
I take this journey in honor of my grandmothers — one of whom has slipped away and the other of whom’s mind is slipping, neither of whom could have even imagined it possible.

And I thank God for the love of my life, Pauline, who walks on bridges with me, and makes me not afraid.