The Jena 6

It is a sad testimony to the endemic racism in our society. Where is the church?

The Jena Six

Author: elderj

I was born the fourth child and third son of godly parents in Nashville Tennessee. After leaving home for college I got involved with InterVarsity, then graduated with a degree in finance. After that I got a masters in history. Nowadays I spend too much time reading, writing, thinking, and occasionally doing my job.

3 thoughts on “The Jena 6”

  1. …sadly brother, racism continues to infect the Body of Christ. Until the Church comes to a point of honesty about this and repents of it, we cannot hope to affect the world around us. For each small step forward in the process of reconciliation and unity, incidents like this hobble the process for yet another generation.

  2. The church has a role. But, at the end of the day … it is up to each of us to do everything that we can to right the wrongs that we see in this world. These six young men in Jena, LA deserve to be punished for their violence against the white students. That punishment should be measured in terms of days out of school (suspension) not years in the penitentiary. This is an injustice that cannot be permitted to stand.

    I’m glad that your blog is part of the movement to ‘make a difference’ in this case.

    peace, Villager
    member of The AfroSpear

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