Interlude: a small tribute to james kim


I do not know James Kim.  I only heard of him from the news reports. I don’t know why his story attracted my attention of all the stories of tragedy in the world, but it did.  He and his family were missing for some days, and he was discovered just today, dead.  I do not know if he was Christian, or what kind of man he was.  I only know that he is a man to be admired, at least in this moment.  He died whilst trying to find help for his family.  He laid down his life in an effort to secure the lives of others; the lives of those closest to him.  In my own small way, in this obscure blog, I honor him. 

Author: elderj

I was born the fourth child and third son of godly parents in Nashville Tennessee. After leaving home for college I got involved with InterVarsity, then graduated with a degree in finance. After that I got a masters in history. Nowadays I spend too much time reading, writing, thinking, and occasionally doing my job.

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